Sunday, April 17, 2016

Interesting links on finance and WASH

Some interesting finance-related pieces that tie together nicely:

WaterAid put out a new report Water: At What Cost? The State of the World's Water 2016 that  contains this well-done infographic (h/t From Poverty to Power)

And, on the other side, the breakdown of charges on Antananarivo's piped water bills, through the excellent finance brief series on WASH on the site Public finance for WASH. The cost from the above infographic is water from the tanker truck; the more people that have access to piped water, which is paid for by the surcharge described in the finance brief, the lower the price will get. For example, the WaterAid report states that in Ethiopia, "Piped water from the utility company costs 20 times less than the price Biruktawit has to pay for water from a tap-stand vendor in Oromia, Ethiopia."