Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Learning from mistakes

Few organizations take the time to report why a project has failed, yet there is so much to be learned from these mistakes!


 CHINA: World's largest eco-toilet scheme abandoned 

The world’s biggest eco-toilet scheme at Inner Mongolia’s Daxing eco-community has been shelved after years of complaints about odour, health issues and maggots, according to local press. A normal flush toilet system has been installed. The urine separating toilets were designed by Sweden’s Stockholm Environment Institute, and are used by around five million people globally.

The Stockholm Environment Institute says that the project ‘encountered many challenges and uncovered many truths’.  The institute noted that before the project the residents of the town suffered water rationing and used mainly public toilets, which were generally pit latrines. The city and surrounding area rapidly urbanized during the project, so the basis for the project – extreme water shortage and poverty – quickly disappeared. The response also points to poor plumbing work, improper construction, poor ventilation and a lack of pipe insulation as contributing to the issues reported.