Friday, June 8, 2012

Post-2015 Water Supply Monitoring

Here is your chance to weigh in on the goals, targets and indicators for post-2015 JMP monitoring of water supply globally.  Deadline: June 18.

New article in World Development

Does User Participation Lead to Sense of Ownership for Rural Water Systems? Evidence from Kenya

August 2012
Sara J. Marks | Jennifer Davis
Summary: Despite broad acceptance of the idea that “sense of ownership” among users is critical to infrastructure sustainability in developing countries, little is known about what sense of ownership is, or its drivers. We present a novel measure of sense of ownership for piped water systems using empirical data collected from 1140 households in 50 rural Kenyan villages. This study establishes an empirical referent for households’ sense of ownership. We find that some, but not all, types of participation enhance community members’ sense of ownership for rural water projects.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Grants and a Fellowship available through EASST

The East Africa Social Science Translation (EASST) Collaborative invites economic, public health and other social science researchers and students from East Africa to apply for the 2012 Visiting Scholar Fellowship.  The three-month fellowship will be based at a CEGA-network campus (University of California or Stanford), and can be spent auditing courses, presenting recent work, attending seminars, developing curricula, and designing collaborative research projects. Upon completing the fellowship, the candidate is expected to return to a university or research institute in East Africa and assume a leading role in the global effort on impact evaluation for economic development. Applications are due 18 JUNE 2012; admission is rolling.

Click here for the application.  Other grants are available too!

World Bank launches the Water Blog