Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gates Grand Challenges Exploration initative announces 31 new winners

31 new awards announced for the Gates Foundation's “Create the Next Generation of Sanitation Technologies” topic in round 7 of the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative.

Winners include:

A Revolutionary Sanitation Technology with Superhydrophobic Materials
submitted by Chunlei Guo of the University of Rochester, USA

Conversion of Human Excreta to Energy and Biochar from Jason Aramburu of re:char, USA

Effective Sewage Sanitation with Low CO2 Footprint from Marc Deshusses and David Schaad of Duke University in the U.S (read a university press release about this project)

Energy Recovery & Waste Treatment with Floating Biodigesters submitted by Rob Hughes and colleagues at Live & Learn Environmental Education in Cambodia

Floating Community Wastewater Treatment in Asia – Taber Hand of Wetlands Work! in Cambodia will field test a waste water treatment system that uses floating “pods” filled with wetland plants and moving water and sit directly under the toilet of houseboats in floating villages in Southeast Asia.

Self-Sterilizing Easy Clean Latrine Mat and Casting Form submitted by Paul Vernon and a team at Brighton Development, LLC in the U.S.

Urine-tricity: Electricity from Urine and Sludge submitted by Ioannis Ieropoulos of the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Go to the Grand Challenges in Global Health web site for a list of all 31 winning projects.

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