Friday, September 23, 2011

Access to WASH and psychosocial well-being

An interesting study by researchers at Emory University looks at the impact of water, sanitation, and hygiene access on women's well-being. A scale for "water insecurity" is introduced.

"As we continue to finalize data analysis, if our water insecurity scale proves to be a more valid measure of psychosocial wellbeing than physical water and sanitation access measures, this tool should then be further validated in a before-and-after WASH project evaluation to assess its validity as a true impact measure. If it proves to be a useful measure of health in its broader WHO definition that encompasses social and mental wellbeing, the tool and methodology would be an excellent and welcome contribution to the WASH sector as a way to define more concretely how WASH programs impact psychosocial wellbeing."

Results brief here.

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