Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FELLOWSHIP: Human-Centered Design Innovation Lab Fellow

Interested in designing extremely affordable innovations to tackle problems that are of life-and-death importance?

We are building the first Human-Centered Design Innovation Lab in Cambodia. And we need you to help us launch it. IDE is looking for a Design-Thinker, with 2-4 years experience in mechanical engineering and product development. You will be the lead mechanical engineer on a multi-disciplinary team, based in Phnom Penh for a 1-year Fellowship.

This is an opportunity to work on real-world problems alongside a close-knit, international, top-calibre team. You’ll wear many hats, including that of a coach, to grow HCD in Cambodia. You will have a rich experience that will touch the lives of those who most need life-changing opportunities. And at the end of the year, if we see a mutual fit, you’ll be offered an opportunity to stay on as full-time Leader at the innovation-Lab.

For full details, including how to apply, please download the position description at http://www.ideorg.org/GetInvolved/Cambodia_HCD_fellowship.pdf.

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