Wednesday, July 8, 2009


we are busy busy bees in kenya, but nat, jenna, matt and i did manage to carve out a morning for some safari action. the laikipia region of kenya--where we are lucky enough to be based, and which includes an amazing view of 17,000 ft Mt. Kenya--is known for having some of the most concentrated biodiversity in Kenya, already world renowned for its incredible wildlife. according to locals we can catch a glimpse of elephants, lions, and leopards just off the side of any country road if we look closely enough. well, mzungus we are, we haven't had the greatest luck spotting wildlife this way, but we did see just about everything in the book at Sweetwaters Game Reserve: White rhinos, giraffes, gazelles, bushbacks, zebras, baboons, wart hogs, jackals, hippos, ostriches, chimps (not native of course), water bucks, and more birds than I could ever identify. when we were sure we were out of the lion/rhino region of the reserve, 3 of us rode on the roof of the landrover while the 4th drove. they would never let you do that in the states! (don't worry mom and dad, we were going about 10 mph, i promise.)

photos taken by matt richard and his awesome telephoto lens:

White Rhino in front of Mt Kenya

This rhino was weirdly comfortable around even gave our landrover a little nudge--scary!

Our rhino friend getting some love from a man with a large gun.

I love wart hogs!!


Matt Marks said...

Wow Sara, looks like fun! I didn't know rhinos were that calm. I feel like its probably similar to watching all the tourist get close to the buffalo in yellowstone...

Chances are they will be fine, but every once in a while...

confessionsofahelicoptermom said...

These are awesome pictures!! I am so jealous that you got to go there. I hope you are doing well!