Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hey everyone. I've been way out of touch. The project has taken me to Nanyuki, Kenya, a very remote and HIGH place (see the elevation on the sign above) with almost non-existent internet. We've also been super busy with yet another round of training/piloting, leaving little time for much else...

Kenya is pretty spectacular: birds of every color of the rainbow, lush green land in every direction (the rainy season has just wrapped up), and at least in our neck of the woods--hardly a mosquito to be found in this perfectly cool/low humidity weather. We are living too good actually.

Oh yes, and during a hike in a national preserve last Sunday we found evidence of elephants everywhere. A little exciting, a LOT scary. I don't need to try to outrun an elephant anytime soon.

So here we are--Natalie, Anne, myself, and Jenna... hamming it up at the equator! Yeah.

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