Friday, May 22, 2009

Training week

This week we're training a team of about 20 Senegalese men and women to deliver our surveys in 50 rural villages. We have something like 7 different types of data collection instruments, including the straightforward paper-and-pen check-the-box type (although in our case we use PDAs, a stylus, and some simple software), an engineering assessment of the water system in each village using a platform called Manobi, a 'choice experiment' using the randomized delivery of photos that show different attributes (to use the academic term--better described maybe as a 'feature') of water systems pre- and post-upgrade, and GPS data collection of village structures using ArcPad. This is a whole heck of a lot of training to do, for ourselves and for the enumerators. Lately I've been feeling as if there never was a time when I did anything BUT stare at my computer, but nonetheless it's satisfying, almost exhilarating, to see the project taking shape. Some photos of our choice experiment training today:

Above is one ideas for portraying the 'distance' attribute of water supply systems using a simple picture. Below the artist is explaining to the group how we might portray this to people with relatively low education levels.

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