Tuesday, May 19, 2009

evening run

Emily, Ralph and I go running each evening around sunset through Grand Yoff and see, well, just about everything under the sun. Taxis are buzzing about next to horses drawing carts loaded with cement blocks on bumpy roads, which always turn into alleyways with goats running alongside packs of children wearing holey t-shirts and no shoes, all yelling "toubab! toubab!"at us as they kick their soccer balls through the sand, the ragged balls kicking up dust and bouncing off of the crumbling walls that feature the same sketches of the local marabouts' heads, or of the same two haircuts available at the local haircutting shack. Then there's the 20-something guy leaning up against the wall smoking a hand-rolled cigarette in knock-off Gucci sunglasses, kittens hiding behind a gas can at his feet, ladies adorned in glittering robes walking by with their heads held high, sometimes because they're balancing a load of vegetables up there, teenagers shouting at each other while they talk on their cell phones...

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