Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hello World! After much delay, I've finally gotten around to putting together a blog for telling all of you about my experiences here in Mozambique. I've been living in this country for nearly a month, exploring places ranging from bustling cities (complete with french fries and high rises) to the honest-to-goodness 'bush' (think Vervet monkeys, Spitting Cobras, and fascinating Makua communities)...and everything in between. I am a constant apprentice these days. There's just so much to learn, including the unique form of Portuguese that's spoken here (I've given up on Makua...for now), the ins and outs of the rapidly evolving rural water sector, the details of this country's wild and tragic history that explains much of what I see before me, and of course everyday things like figuring which time of day the ATMs are likely to actually have cash in them.

Access to internet is almost never a guarantee, especially when I'm working outside of Nampula city, but I will do my best to update this regularly. Rather than write about my research efforts --which I already spend most of my waking hours thinking about--I plan to instead give you stories about the interesting/beautiful/strange/hilarious experiences I'm having. There are plenty of those. Well let's see... over 3 weeks has gone by, so we'll just start from the beginning and I'll return to write again soon!


Anne, Yacoub and I landed at the Maputo airport on June 27, managed to get our visas relatively quickly and at a cheaper price than we were expecting, and were greeted outside the doors by Valentina - a former student of Jenna's and our first friend in Mozambique. Vale had already arranged our apartment for us, along with all sorts of little details that would have probably taken us days or weeks to figure out. We soon learned that thriving in this country has less to do with what you know, and just about everything to do with who you know. Note to self...

The Maputo apartment is perfect for our needs - clean and simple, perched high above one of the city's largest sections of trees (though I wouldn't exactly call it a park), giving us a real sense of security. We have a small balcony with a view of the Indian Ocean to the south and the city skyline to the west. In fact, we are quite spoiled.

And because I will always be a geek who is fascinated by the shapes and colors around her (okay, buildings), I must show you a photo of the neighboring apartment complex - I think it's beautiful.


matthewV said...

Awesome Sis! Sounds like everything has gone very well for you so far. Make use of that camera and post lots of pictures! I'll be checking your blog regularly.

auntlinda said...

So glad to hear your trip is going well. Mike, Brian and I visited your parents and crazy Jessie last weekend. The guys went jet skiing and your mom and I played with Jessie. We'll miss you at the family picinc, but will pass along your update.

Mom said...

Hi Sara,
Love your Blog! It is a great way to find out more about your awesome experiences there. Thank you for posting. We are looking forward to seeing you in september hearing in person all your new stories and experiences. love always, mom